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Mountain surfing

Gravity Downhill Scooters are 100% DH. A scooter geometry especially evolved for downhill, designed to be ridden with a surfer’s position: straight and centred, optimised for maximum sensation and control, whatever the type of descent. Perfected over twenty years by a team of people with a passion for speed, extreme descent and boardsports, we have achieved the perfect balance: a pure DH scooter stripped down to the essential. The board is made of a special chromium-molybdenum alloy steel which provides elasticity and strength for even the most radical jumps and descents.The board is large enough to give the rider complete freedom of movement, with absolutely no obstruction between the feet and legs.Its large board gives critical control and enjoyment of even the most extreme descents.


Join the pack

At last… now you can go at the speed your dog wants, with comfort and safety.The scooter is the ideal machine for mushing - it lets you go at the dog’s speed; they brake better than bikes and make it easier to cope with any surprise that the dogs might throw. With nothing to get in the way between the rider's legs and with the added stability of a two-wheel vehicle, it greatly reduces the possibility of accidents. Each type of mushing demands special characteristics from the scooter: At Gravity Scooters, we have a range of especially designed models.