A large large board for putting your feet, along with the relative position of the handlebar and a slight incline at the front, is what creates the unmistakable feeling of riding a Gravity. Is not just a feeling, safety, driveability and comfort they offer are real. These geometries make that no other two-wheeler machine are more stable than a Gravity.


Mountain scooters of GRAVITY SCOOTERS are fun and safe. Your safety is the key. A low center of gravity and to go standing on with both feet on a rigid base, makes them very stable, easy to drive in all situations, and most importantly: GRAVITY SCOOTERS, unlike other brands or of the bicycles, have nothing that separate feet and legs, it's a obstacle-free frame, any accident is minimized because you are not tie with the machine and can easily get out.

These features mean that a wider audience can go down the downhill trails that were previously exclusive for the most daring riders. The same happen with our mushing scooters, they are safer than other machines used in this sport.

Safety that provide together with an intuitive driving allows a wide range of ages can enjoy the downhill and mushing.

For all this we believe that today is the only machine with possibilities to do that the downhill, in the Bike Parks, will be a practicable sport for a large segment of population, as is skiing.




Enjoy freedom on a board



Gravity Scooters believe that the board is the heart of a great Mountain Scooter and this is why we have taken care it especially.

A LARGE BOARD MEANS STABILITY. Letting you get your feet into the right position for balance – the surfboard/snowboard/skateboard position essential for when things get rough and the only position that gives you the safety you need.

A LARGE BOARD MEANS COMFORT. Allowing you to change your foot position and to rest your muscles during long treks. This is something small vehicles or mono-scooters can't provide.

A LARGE BOARD MEANS SAFETY. Making it easier to get on and off the scooter in both normal and more risky situations.

A LARGE BOARD MEANS FUN. Offering great freedom of movement and making scooting two-up both enjoyable and fun.

A LARGE BOARD MEANS SENSATIONS. Letting your body feel how you're surfing the trail.

An area for feet completely free of obstacles is essential to ride safe especially in mushing and downhill. Frame of a scooter should never be an obstacle for the rider. Getting in and out of the scooter quickly, is impossible in scooters with reinforced frames between the feet and makes them extremely dangerous machines. Our large board totally obstacle-free, allows you to vary the position of the feet, it helps to have the weight centered on the frame's axis and allows you to put your body in the optimum position of balance: that is only this one: the position of the surf or snowboard.

Board is coated with a skate griptape. and is the material that gives the best grip to the feet. This leaves a completely smooth surface for your feet without pierced iron or other things that bother and end up hurting feet and breaking the soles.

The large wooden board is the main feature of Gravity Scooters, not only beautifies and ennobles our scooters, also it increases the feeling of comfort, giving elasticity and toughness that only the hardwoods can give. These tables are laminated beech, which are joined with special queues, in hot and in high pressure. This material with exceptional hardness features and elasticity is also used to make aircraft propellers. The woods are polished, treated against bacteria, moisture and finally varnished.

               Gravity Scooters board


Board of  IRON COLS y MUSHING Pro is wide, enable a ride using all the body, this helps you to taking bends and to feeling similar to that of board sports.


Board of M10 and Pulka is narrower to avoid hits at the ankle as you kick and helps carry the weight correctly to conserve the inertia and obtain maximum speed.


Board of Pulka R is aluminum, is much smaller in order to lower the weight of the scooter and also is coated with a skate griptape.

Tabla PULKA R.

Board of Pixies is narrower to avoid hits at the ankle as you kick and helps carry the weight correctly.



Gravity Scooters are against the planned obsolescence and try to sell the most durable products possible, contrary to the current trend in the industry.
To make scooters really strong, fit for mountain, we follow these steps: to work with the best materials; We have a careful quality control frame by frame; we have a long experience in the automotive industry and we apply that knowledge in the design, tests ans controls of our scooters' frames; We assemble selected components from leading brands.

More than 14 years experience in the world of industrial production in the automotive sector of our technical, our designer and our quality manager and 20 years of experience in the field of scooters of our designer we can ensure that we are at the last in terms of manufacturing processes, materials and design of mountain scooters.

Gravity Scooters design the frames and choose the materials thinking especially in the use of the scooter: