Who we are? What is the essence of GRAVITY SCOOTERS?

Find out more about our history, our values and our vision.

GRAVITY SCOOTERS is a family business dedicated in body and soul to the design, manufacturing and marketing of high-end mountain scooters, mainly designed for downhill, for mushing (dog mushing) and for cross country.

We are pioneers in the manufacture of mountain scooters: downhill scooters did not exist before GRAVITY. Since 1994 we are innovating and marking the way worldwide especially in the downhill and mushing medium distance sector.

GRAVITY SCOOTERS is the only company offering the complete range of mountain scooters of the highest quality. We create the best scooters because we make them for us.

At GRAVITY we like to say that our scooters are the most balanced two-wheel machines in the market; this is achieved thanks to the large wooden board - free of obstacles between the feet and long enough for the pilot to position himself in the surfer's position -, the DH geometry of our chassis and the low height of the board to the ground. This is the key to more fun, greater security and 100% intuitive driving.


• Bring the practice of scooter descent to everyone in an easy and safe way.

• Promote the use of the scooter in mushing for large shots or difficult terrain.


We are convinced that downhill scooter will be a common sport in the near future and will end up with the seasonally adjustment of the outdoor sector.

Our values are:

Fun: Enjoying the mountain is our reason for being.

Quality: We stay ahead in terms of manufacturing processes, materials and design of mountain scooters.

Safety: We put the stability and safety of our scooters before any other consideration.

Durability: We say NO to obsolescence, we are committed to recycling and we respect the nature and the environment.

Closeness: We use “made in Europe” raw materials and we manufacture in Spain. We adapt to the needs of each client.

GRAVITY SCOOTERS is undoubtedly the best option to offer for rent in mountain resorts to a very wide audience: it is safer, cheaper, easier to drive, more mechanically reliable and almost free of maintenance (no pedals, no change, no string).

What our customers say about us?

Ken Johnston: “Best scooters ever, strong and reliable to say the least”

Maria Turra: “Adults go back to childhood, with off-road scooters! Wonderful product!”

Janni Seraidaris: “Simple, sturdy and good for downhill or street kicking!”