What is the team of people who work every day to make GRAVITY SCOOTERS a reality?

Discover here the human side of the company.

Quintín Desmonts, co-director of Gravity Scooters

Industrial designer with 20 years of experience in the design of scooters. He spends the day thinking about scooters, prototyping and improving them. With many scooters in the suitcase, the scooters of the next 10 years are already in mind. Very active mountain scooter rider in all its variants, Quintín has won several state mushing races. He is a very athletic and workaholic person. He is the heart of the company.

Judith García, co-director of Gravity Scooters

14 years working in the automotive in quality engineering departments. 7 years of experience as a commercial and importer/exporter in Gravity Scooters. Downhill scooters lover for the last 12 years and active mushing scooter rider. Judith gives the essential feminine side to the design of our machines. He is an athlete, mountaineer and dance lover. Her bravery touches the dangerous (climbing, bungee jumping, etc.).

Jordi Ponti, head of Marketing and Communication at Gravity Scooters

With more than 5 years of experience in entrepreneurship in the field of outdoor activities, he is passionate about sports and nature. Avid mountaineer in all its facets, he loves to combine the purely sporting point with the social and spiritual side of nature.

Genís Ramos, scooter assembly technician at Gravity Scooters

Attentive to detail and methodical, the scooters are in good hands. Genís is a sociable and sports guy, lover of animals and popular culture. He is no doubt a great asset for the company.