What make us different from the others? Why are our scooters so safe and stable? These are the keys:



Discover why our scooters are the best choice

A large board to place your feet, along with the relative position of the handlebar and a slight incline at the front; this is what creates the irreplaceable feeling of riding a GRAVITY. It is not just a feeling: safety, driveability and comfort are for real. These geometries make our scooters unique: no other two-wheeler machine is more stable than a GRAVITY.


GRAVITY SCOOTERS offroad scooters are fun and safe. Your safety is the key. A low center of gravity and to go standing on with both feet on a rigid base makes them very stable, easy to drive in all situations, and most importantly: GRAVITY SCOOTERS, unlike other brands or any bicycle, has nothing that separate feet and legs, it's obstacle-free frame; any accident is minimized because you are not tied with the machine and you can easily get out of it.

These features mean that a wider audience can go down the downhill trails that were previously exclusive for the most daring riders. That being said, we believe that mountain scooters are currently the only machines capable to popularize the downhill discipline in Bike Parks for a large segment of population, as skiers or snowboarders.

The same happens with our mushing scooters: they are safer than other machines being used in this sport. The safety they provide together with an intuitive driving allows a wide range of ages enjoy the downhill and mushing disciplines.



At GRAVITY SCOOTERS we believe that the board is the heart of a great mountain scooter and therefore we have taken special care of it.

A LARGE BOARD MEANS STABILITY:  It lets you get your feet into the right position for balance – the surfboard/snowboard/skateboard position - which is essential when things get rough and the only position that gives you the safety you need.

A LARGE BOARD MEANS COMFORT:  It allows you change your foot position and to rest your muscles during long treks. This is something that small vehicles or mono-scooters can't provide.

A LARGE BOARD MEANS SAFETY: It makes it easier to get on and off the scooter in both normal and more risky situations.

A LARGE BOARD MEANS FUN:  It offers great freedom of movement and has capacity for two people in an easy and safe way.

A LARGE BOARD MEANS SENSATIONS:  It lets your body feel how you're surfing the trail.


 una gran tabla de madera


An area for feet completely free of obstacles is essential to ride safely especially in mushing and downhill disciplines. The frame of a scooter should never be an obstacle for the rider. Getting in and out of the scooter quickly is impossible in scooters with reinforced frames between the feet and makes them extremely dangerous machines. Our large board, totally obstacle-free, allows you to vary the position of the feet, it helps you to have the weight centered on the frame's axis and allows you to put your body in the optimum position of balance: there is only one: the surf or snowboard position.

The large wooden board is the main feature of Gravity Scooters, it not only beautifies and ennobles our scooters, it also increases the feeling of comfort, giving elasticity and toughness that only the hardwoods can give.

These tables are laminated beech, which are joined with special queues, in hot and in high pressure. This material (with exceptional hardness features and elasticity) is also used to make aircraft propellers. The woods are polished, treated against bacteria, moisture and finally varnished. The board is coated with a skate griptape, which is the material that gives the best grip to the feet. This leaves a completely smooth surface for your feet without pierced iron or other things that bother and end up hurting  your feet and breaking the soles.

All our chassis are equipped with an interior wood that cannot be seen unless the scooter is not disassembled. This wood, combined with the upper table and the chassis tubes, give great resistance to the whole.

This wood sandwich system with the chassis is patented by GRAVITY SCOOTERS and is another of our unique features.

Gravity Scooters board


DH scooters, Trail scooter and MUSHING Pro have a wide board so that they enable a ride using all the body. This helps you take bends and feel similar sensations to those of board sports.


M10 and Pulka boards are narrower in order to avoid hits at the ankle as you kick and help carry the weight correctly to conserve the inertia and obtain the maximum speed.


Pixies boards are narrower in order to avoid hits at the ankle as you kick and help carry the weight correctly.



GRAVITY SCOOTERS is against the planned obsolescence and try to sell the most durable products, whis is contrary to the current trend in the industry. To make scooters really strong, fit for mountain, we follow these steps:

- We work with the best materials.
-We have a careful quality control frame by frame.
- We have a long experience in the automotive industry and we apply that knowledge in the design, tests ans controls of our scooters' frames.
- We assemble selected components from leading brands.

After more than 14 years of experience in the world of industrial production in the automotive sector and 20 years of experience in the field of scooters, we can assure that we are at the top in terms of manufacturing processes, materials and mountain scooters design.

GRAVITY SCOOTERS thinks especially in the use of the scooter when designing the frames and choosing the materials:

Our DH Raptor, DH Iron, DH Core Air, DH Core, Mushing pro, M10 trail y M10 models are manufactured with CrMb Steel, which is the most resistant steel. With this we get them to be very stable, resitent and safe. All of them are scooters designed for the descent and for the mushing, either the latter with many dogs or for less skilled people (due to the great stability they provide).

Gravity jump

  • Our Pulka and Pulka R models are made of T6 aluminum and are designed for the practice of mushing with a maximum of 2 dogs. They are light scooters designed for competition.

Pulka & mushing

The Pixies are in steel and they are designed to start in the downhill discipline, for mushing with a maximum of 2 dogs and for mountain walks. They are high (distance from the board to the ground) in order to avoid the rocks of the road.


All GRAVITY SCOOTERS have a protective plate on the bottom of the scooter that protects them from the impact of the rocks. This aluminum protection is very resistant, durable and replaceable. With this protection you do not have to worry about your scooter, since all the blows are taken by this iron.

Mushing pro-proteccion

The DH IRON also has protections on the underside of the wooden board.

Iron cols-proteccion


Unlike most scooters that are mono-foot, the large size of the top wood board of all GRAVITY SCOOTERS models allows the placement of both feet at a time on it.

Do always have a correct position of your feet (your knees bent for a good cushioning of the body) and thus you'll prevent possible back injuries. Keep your weight back in order to avoid overloading arms and hands.

The placement of the feet (as shown in the following pictures) is ideal for downhill and mushing disciplines. The front foot must be placed above the curve of the wood and with the down pipe of the chassis acting as a stopper. It can be placed both straight or diagonal: this will put your body a little more side, in the position of the surfer or the snowboarder. The crossed back foot will allow us to guide the board.

When the terrain is very steep, stretch your arms and lower your ass.

Posicion sobre un Gravity

We will only place our feet together on flat terrain; this is the position that will allow us to row. Never use this position for downhill or mushing in motion, since the balance on the scooter can be lost and therefore we can fall down.

Gravity postura de la patada


GRAVITY SCOOTERS has opted for manufacturing in Spain mainly due to the fact that we have specialized workshops and cutting edge in the manufacture of chassis for the motorcycle and automotive industry. In this way we can benefit from the experience of the technicians, the most advanced machinery and technology, the latest techniques used in this sector and the best materials in all levels of manufacture of our chassis. And above all, this allows us a total control of the manufacture and production and to be able to work in the constant improvement of our frames with a flexibility and speed that would be impossible if they were manufactured in China.

All subcontracted workshops are ISO 9001 certified.

The quality of our frames:

- Fully designed in 3D

- Rigorously tested design with effort simulation programs

- The frames has been subjected to fatigue tests successively in a machine designed under the instructions of Applus, which guarantees the continuity of the quality. In order to guarantee the safety of the chassis, they have been certified by Applus according to the European quality standards for MTB

- Our fully manual assembly allows us to carry out an exhaustive quality control of all scooters and all their components, which are checked, tested and adjusted before packaging


GRAVITY SCOOTERS are warranted against original defects of conformity for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase.

The Cr-Mo frames are guaranteed for 5 years.

Components such as wheels, handlebars, brakes and forks have a 2-year manufacturer's warranty (the warranty does not include wear components such as tires or brake pads)

The invoice or purchase ticket or other document stating the date of purchase will be used to prove the date on which the warranty period begins.

In the event of finding a compliance defect in the mentioned period, the Client will have to send the product back to the issuer of the invoice or ticket. The reasons for which he asks for the assistance in guarantee will have to be stated.

EXCLUSIONS: This warranty does not cover non-conformities caused by accidents, alteration, negligence, misuse, abuse, improper use, lack of maintenance, improper assembly, repairs performed improperly, replacement of parts or accessories and / or normal wear or deterioration due to its use.