e-M10 500W 36V

Our most versatile electric scooter.

1575.00 €

(1905.75€ VAT included)

e-M10 500W 36V

Our most versatile electric scooter.

1575.00 €

(1905.75€ VAT included)



We are convinced that it is possible to modified our way of life, leaving the car in the garage every day of the week. To go to work, to market or to ride around the mountain, it can be turned into a source of satisfaction.

A strong Cr-Mo frame with a DH geometry completely obstacle-free for the rider, a large board, a low center of gravity and the capacity to go two people make E-Gravity the only really safe, comfortable scooters on the market. And versatile. Stability and safety are at their maximum for unmatched driving pleasure!

Dare to try it and you will feel from the first moment the pleasure of driving a Gravity. An incredible opportunity to enjoy the scooters, whether for urban, mountain, stroll or sportier use.

CE certificate No. 16/32301318. Validated, certified and approved in accordance with Directive 2006/42 / EC of machines, which also governs electric bicycles. So the same local traffic regulations apply as electric bicycles.

Technical characteristics

  • Weight: 14,5 KG
  • Frame: Chrome-moly steel.
  • Fork: RST CAPA 26”, Travel 80mm.
  • Brakes: Front: Hydraulic disc brake Ø 160mm. Rear: optional mechanical or hydraulic Ø 160mm.
  • Wheels: Front: Optional Ø 26" x 2.00 or 26" x 2.35. Rear: Ø 20" x 2.00
  • Handlebar: 640mm
  • Board: Antislide surface. Beech board from Brittany in hot forming. Aluminum scuff guard. Wide board, measures: 700 X 200 X 10 mm.
  • Frame protections: Aluminum 2mm
  • Mudguards: Aluminum 2mm
  • Brushless motor
  • Power: 500W
  • Voltage: 36V
  • Battery cycles: more than 800
  • 36v 14.5 Ah lithium-ion battery. Box with key lock.
  • Max. Speed: 25km/h
  • Maximum speed without limitation programmed: 35 km/h
  • Rear Wheel Installation

The board

The wide board of e-M10 allows a ride using all the body weight, this helps you to taking bends and to feeling a similar feel to that of board sports.

Board is made of laminated beech from Britain, hot forming to high pressure and using special glues for outdoors. The woods are polished, treated with fungicides against moisture and finally varnished. The wood is coated with a non-skid sandpaper, just like a skateboard, for a rider´s feet better grip. This leaves a completely smooth surface for the feet, without pieces of iron that end up hurting the rider´s feet and damaging the soles.

The inner board, which is not seen without disassembling the scooter, combined with the upper board and frame tubes provides the assembly a great strength. This sandwich system comprising the boards and frame is patented by Gravity Scooters and is another of our unique features.

The frame

The frame of e-M10 is made of CrMb Steel, the most resistant steel.

Its medium height (distance from the board to the ground) is necessary to avoid the rocks of the road in descent, although is low enough not to lose the sensation of surfing the roads that with the augment of this distance disappears.

Los Componentes

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(travel mm)
Brake (mm)
Weight (kg)Front wheel
Rear wheel
Pixies Steel RST Capa 50 Mechanic Mechanic 160 12 20"x2.20 16"x2.40 640
M10 Basic CrMo steel RST Capa 80 V-Brake V-Brake 160 14,5 26"x2.00 20"x2.00 640
M10 CrMo steel RST Capa 80 Hydraulic Mechanic 160 14,5 26"x2.00 20"x2.00 640
M10 trail CrMo steel RST Capa 80 Hydraulic Hydraulic 160 14,5 26"x2.35 20"x2.00 / 19"x2.50 640
Pulka Aluminio T6 RST Capa 80 Hydraulic Mechanic 160 12 26"x2.00 20"x2.00 640
Pulka R Aluminio T6 Carbon fork V-Brake Mechanic 160 9 700 32C 20"x1,75 640
Mushing pro CrMo steel RST Dirt 130 Hydraulic Mechanic 160 16,7 26"x2.35 19"x2.50 740
DH Core CrMo steel RST Dirt 130 Hydraulic Hydraulic 203 16,7 26"x2.35 19"x2.50 740
DH Core Air CrMo steel RST Titan 150 Hydraulic Hydraulic 230 16 26"x2.35 19"x2.50 740

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