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Love my Gravity Pulka R!!! Fantastically fun and fast ride, rolls effortlessly:)
Product was shipped internationally fast and intact- customer service made special arrangements for me regarding delivery, which was very helpful.
Communication with customer service was fluid and easy.

I would recommend this product to anyone interested in bikejoring
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Posté par sam, Canada 0 1 2 3 4 (5/5
 Achat vérifié
Package was shipped to wrong address and was lost!
Still waiting for my order haven't received any new tracking information it's been 5 days
First order came thank God that was the expensive one ! unfortunately the axel skewers were missing I like the scooter took skewers of my bicycle to ride the scoot
Dear Lee,

We apologize for the mistakes that occurred with your shipment, due to an mistake when entering your address, caused of the auto-completion of the Fedex system, your address was entered incorrectly, and as you already know, Fedex in the United States is authorized to leave the package at the door without the need for signature or collection by anyone, so the package was lost and it could not be recovered.
As we told you on Friday, we are going to send your order again.
Today, Tuesday, we have sent you the tracking number. It's been 5 days ago since we confirmed the loss of the package and we have proceeded to prepare a new order.
We are sorry this has been too much for you, but Fedex doesn't work on weekends.

We hope the new package arrives very quickly.
Once again, we apologize for everything that happened.

GRAVITY SCOOTERS customer service.
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Posté par Lee G 0 1 2 3 4 (1/5
 Achat vérifié
Bought a Fat Sapo, Fantastic fun on the beach and over rough ground. I do some mushing with 3 dogs and I can finally go nearly everywhere they can. The low centre of gravity and slightly larger front wheel rake angle makes for fantastic handling and tight cornering.
I have made a carbon fiber deck mounted battery box and added a 2kw electric motor which adds to the fun. Would totally recommend.

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Posté par Jamie Wright, United Kingdom 0 1 2 3 4 (5/5
 Achat vérifié
I bought this down hill beast and electrified it so it goes up to 70 km/hr! It is stable, safe and crazy fun!

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Posté par David Linenberg, United States 0 1 2 3 4 (5/5
 Achat vérifié
Let me start off by saying these scooters are AWESOME!!! I bought 2 of the DH scooters for me and the wife. If you want to shred the mountains in the USA these are the only people to even offer anything. We used our scooters at Mammoth Mountain and smashed down the mountain and both scooters held up to the abuse. These scooters are a blast and you get alot of attention here in the US because nobody has ever seen anything like them.
Customer service is awesome to deal with I had a couple of problems with Fedex and customs and I talked to Gravity and they did everything in there power to make sure I got my scooter for my trip to Mammoth. If you are in the market for a tough reliable scooter to shred the mountain look no further buy with confidence.
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Posté par Bill Woodard, US 0 1 2 3 4 (5/5
Wild Bill's Spray Equipment
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