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It all began with our love for Downhill (DH). In 1993 we got obsessed with the idea of designing a scooter that could compete with the best DH bikes. When we get it, we created GRAVITY SCOOTERS,

With more than ten years of advantage, we are still the reference brand that has the only 100% DH scooter: designed for the DH and with all its components with DH specifications..

In 2016, we presented the top-of-the-range in downhill scooters, the Gravity RAPTOR, which surpasses the previously unbeatable Gravity IRON COLS with improvements in weight, strength, aesthetics and performance.

Later on we realized that everything we’d learned about DH was also ideal of Mushing. We fell in love with this sport and we created our exclusive range of Mushing scooters. Mushing with a Gravity scooter means better safety, more comfort and more fun! BE WARNED: this sport is highly addictive, once you start THERE IS NO TURNING BACK

Having got this far, the only thing missing was a light but sturdy mountain scooter. Pulka lets us tackle long trails and is ideal for physical training.The new version of the Pulka R will be released soon. Designed 100% for mushing sprint competitions.

The youngest members of the family must be well-equipped too. the PIXIES are the our scooters for kids perfect for getting started with mushing and DHin the easiest and safest way.

After this, the evolutions ...

The snow kit to transform our Scooters into snowscooters. You change the wheels for skis and you already have a scooter for 365 days a year. The SNOW WHITE is the only snowscooter that allows the position of the surfer or snowboarder that increases safety and good feelings. And in evolution, for the version of mushing, a powerful brake to dominate the dogs.

The e-Gravity range. Our commitment to sustainable mobility. We are convinced that it is possible to leave the car in the garage and thereby reduce stress, anxiety and pollution. With our electric scooter range it is possible to change our customs: going to work, in the market or simply riding in the mountains in a fun and sustainable way.

And soon the already announced new version of the Pulka R, the FaT SapO and ...

Our objective: to continue evolving year by year.


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GRAVITY SCOOTERS is a family company dedicated in body and soul to the design, manufacture and marketing of high-end mountain scooters, mainly designed for downhill (or Downhill), for mushing (pulled by dogs) and for Cross country (for walks in the mountains).

We are pioneers in the manufacture of mountain scooters: downhill scooters did not exist before Gravity. Since 1994 we are innovating and leading the way worldwide, especially in the downhill and medium distance mushing sector.

We have been perfecting downhill scooters until we get what is now a DH RAPTOR: a reinforced scooter suitable for the most extreme descent and capable of competing with the best downhill bikes in a safer way and at a price 4 times lower.

The start up of this project responds to our conviction and to that of our environment, that the downhill scooter will be a common sport and that it is the future of ski resorts in summer or an alternative to skiing in mountains where there is no snow. It is also the best option to offer a wide audience for rent in mountain resorts. It is safer, cheaper, easier to drive, more mechanically reliable and almost maintenance-free (no pedals, no gear, no chain).

GRAVITY SCOOTERS is the only company to be able to offer a wide variety within the highest range of mountain scooters. We create the best mountain scooters because we make them for ourselves: there is no more mystery, this is the big difference with the competition.

At Gravity we like to say that our scooters are the most balanced two-wheeled machines out there. We achieve this thanks to the large wooden board - free of obstacles between the feet and long enough for the pilot to position himself in the position of the surfer -; the DH geometry of our frames and the low height of the board to the ground. This is the key to greater fun, greater safety and 100% intuitive riding.


• To bring closer the practice of downhill scooter to everybody in an easy and safe way.

• To boost the use of the scooter in the mushing for large shots or difficult terrain.

• Reduce pollution by betting on sustainable mobility.


We are convinced that downhill will be a common sport in the near future, ending the seasonality of the mountain sector.

We are convinced that the use of the electric scooter is the key to urban and interurban mobility of the imminent future.

Our values

• Fun: Enjoying the mountains is our reason for being.

• Quality: We are up to date in terms of manufacturing processes, materials and design of mountain scooters.

• Safety: We put the stability and safety of our scooters before any other consideration.

• Durability: We say NO to obsolescence, we are committed to recycling and we respect nature and the environment.

• Closeness: We use raw material "made in Europe" and we manufacture in Spain. We adapt to the needs of each client.


Quintín Desmonts

CEO, co-founder and scooter designer of Gravity Scooters.

Industrial designer with 27 years of experience in scooter design.

Experience of more than 25 years in the design of automotive aluminum molds.

He spends the day thinking about scooters, prototyping and improving them. With many scooters in the suitcase, he already has the scooters of the next 10 years in mind.

Very active practitioner of the mountain scooter in all its variants. He has won several state mushing races.

He is a very sporty person and addicted to work. It is the axis of the company and around it the Gravity Scooters team has been created.

Judith Garcia

CEO and co-founder of Gravity Scooters.

Her 14 years of experience in the quality engineering departments of automotive companies give him essential knowledge and experience in the manufacturing, production and quality control processes.

7 years of experience as director, commercial and importer / exporter at Gravity Scooters.

Lover of downhill scooter from his first time and practitioner of mushing scooter.

She gives the essential feminine side to the design of our machines. He is an athlete, mountaineer and lover of dance. Her bravery verges on the dangerous (climbing, bungee jumping, etc.).

Bruno Dominguez

Responsible for the Gravity Scooters assembly workshop.

Meticulous and methodical, the scooters are in good hands.

Bruno is a sociable guy, passionate about travel, motors, and music. He is a trials rider, drummer, mechanic, and downhill scooters pilot. He is a calm and responsible person until he gets on a Gravity, where he becomes a bit crazy.

He is a great asset to the company, and he can always be relied upon for anything.

Aitor Lizaran

Collaborator and Rider of Gravity Scooters.

Aitor started working at Gravity as assembly and quickly stood out as a great rider. A lot of skate, a lot of bike and a lot of motorcycle is the perfect combination to become a great Gravity rider.

“I am passionate about outdoor adventure sports; especially the boards sports; the more adrenaline the more they attract me. The downhill with a Gravity perfectly combines the sensation of surfing the mountains, with the adrenaline of speed and the feeling of freedom in jumps ”

Luke Gudnason

Photographer and collaborator of Gravity Scooters.

Luke has been linked to Gravity since the day he turned 14 and gifted his friends an adventure with Gravity scooter.

He is currently a photographer, camera, model, downhill scooter rider and one of our assemblers.

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