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Gravity Scooters is a family business founded in Barcelona in 2007 to publicize mountain scooters, convinced that they are the ideal machines for mushing and descent; for fun, security and ease of use.

Mountain scooters have always been our passion. Previously, in 1994 and under another name, we designed the first adult scooter with a large front and small rear wheel. From here we created the first downhill scooters and the first mushing scooters to go with more than three dogs; we also began to develop security systems for mushing. Year after year we have been improving our models until we become the reference brand and not just the original brand.

Our scooters are characterized by being extremely stable, durable and safe. We have the best technicians trained in the automotive industry, which allow us to constantly innovate and apply new materials to be increasingly ecological, sustainable and at the same time provide the best quality at the best price.

In a world mired in climate change, we have had to replace part of snow sports with sports on scooters and that is our strength.

A large clear surface to put your feet, a very low center of gravity and the best components is what creates the unmistakable feeling of riding a GRAVITY SCOOTERS brand scooter

Surf the mountains with a gravity!


  • Light mushing scooters for competitions or heavier ones for training.
  • Downhill scooters to start in or to practice extreme downhill.
  • Scooters with FAT wheels for the beach or areas with mud or mixed mud and snow.
  • Electric scooters, if you live in a town or rural area we offer you the best way to move sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Kids scooters for the little ones in the house to start mushing and downhill in a fun and very safe way.
  • Snow scooters for 365 days a year, you just have to remove the wheels and mount the snowboard.
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Doubts? We help you choose the best model for your needs.


Download the user and maintenance manuals.


This will allow us to contact you, if necessary, to access more quickly the information of the details of your scooter.


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