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    e-PIXIES 250W
    e-PIXIES 250W

    e-PIXIES 250W


    e-PIXIES 250W
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    The e-PIXIES is the ideal electric scooter for children to enjoy the experience of riding a scooter from very young age in the easiest and safest way.

    Its 250W engine gives it enough power to climb hills while ensuring comfort and safety in all movements.

    The battery is installed in a vintage leather suitcase. This suitcase has a button attached to turn the battery on and off and is anchored with a Kickflix anchor system for easy and quick disassembly. This allows take the battery away when the scooter is parked and to charge the battery anywhere without having to grab the entire scooter.

    This model is optimal for enjoying family mountain walks or for daily use on any terrain: going to school, playing with friends or running small errands are the perfect excuse to ride it.

    With CE certificate No. 16/32301318. Validated, certified and approved in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, which also governs electric bicycles. Therefore, the same local traffic rules as electric bicycles are applied.


    WEIGHT: 18,4KG

    FRAME: Steel.

    FORK: RST CAPA 20”, Travel 50mm.

    BRAKES: Mechanic disc 160 mm

    WHEELS: Front: Ø 20" x 2.175 Rear: Ø 16" x 2.4

    HANDLEBAR: 640mm

    BOARD: Antislide surface. Beech board from Brittany in hot forming. Narrow board, measures: 570 x 140 x 10.

    FRAME PROTECTIONS: Aluminum 2mm

    MUDGUARD: Aluminum 2mm


    POWER: 350W

    VOLTAGE: 36V

    BATTERY CYCLES: more than 800

    LITHIUM-ION BATTERY 36V 12,8 AH:with a Kickflix anchor system for easy and quick disassembly

    MAX. SPEED: 25km/h


    Wide board

    Perfect Trail

    Ideal Urban

    Max. weight Rider

    Not suitable for jumping

    Mushing 1-2 Dogs


    The board of e-PIXIES is narrower to facilitate the kick, to avoid hits at the ankle and helps carry the weight correctly to conserve the inertia and obtain maximum speed.

    Board is made of laminated beech from Britain, hot forming to high pressure and using special glues for outdoors. The woods are polished, treated with fungicides against moisture and finally varnished. The wood is coated with a non-skid sandpaper, just like a skateboard, for a rider´s feet better grip. This leaves a completely smooth surface for the feet, without pieces of iron that end up hurting the rider´s feet and damaging the soles.

    The inner board, which is not seen without disassembling the scooter, combined with the upper board and frame tubes provides the assembly a great strength. This sandwich system comprising the boards and frame is patented by Gravity Scooters and is another of our unique features.


    The frame of e-PIXIES is made of Steel.

    Its medium height (distance from the board to the ground) is necessary to avoid the rocks of the road in descent, although is low enough not to lose the sensation of surfing the roads that with the augment of this distance disappears.

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