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Are you looking for a new activity to offer your clients?

Gravity scooters are the best option to provide added value and promote loyalty customers with a differential and sustainable product.

You will be able to offer them as a complementary activity, making them available to your clients to get to know the closest natural environment, for staff and client movements within their own facilities ...

If you are:

  • Adventure sports company
  • Adventure camps
  • Children's activity company
  • Camping owner
  • Rural accommodation owner
  • Mountain guide
  • Tour guide
  • Event organizing company
  • Shop rent in Bike Park
  • ...

Gravity Scooters is the best option.

Downhill scooters for rent at BikeParks. Mushing scooters for mushing schools, dog education .... Trail scooters for mountain routes. Children's scooters as a complement to other activities in nature. Electric scooters for routes and nature ride, for guided tours, for city tours. These are just a few ideas!

Fill in the form and we will help you choose which model best suits your needs depending on the terrain, the weather and the users. We will also send you our professional rates and all the information so you can plan your business.

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