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box arrived damaged a tiny bit from the wheel axles getting through the cardboard, thankfully no damage to the wheel inside. I was a bit dissappointed to see tektro discbrakes while the description on the website showed Shimano discbrakes would be included.
in the end the scooter is great to ride with 2 of my huskies pulling it. love the wide board to stand with size 12,5-13 shoe a must have.
the steering tube rake takes a bit of time to get used to with the steering as it is less direct than my old Yedoo step.
We appreciate your comments.
The design of the new boxes protects the scooter and its components perfectly. Finally, we have reduced transportation incidents almost completely.
We have reviewed the description of your model and indeed we have seen that there was an error in the Brakes brand that was not updated in your language.
We have had to switch to the Tektro brand due to Shimano brand supply problems resulting from the pandemic. Don't worry though because Tektro provides excellent quality. You will be able to verify it.

The large wooden board is what makes our scooters unique! Thank you for appreciating and commenting on it.

Judith Garcia. Managing Director of Gravity scooters.
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