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Mushing line for two dogs ECO
Mushing line for two dogs ECO
Mushing line for two dogs ECO

Mushing line for two dogs ECO

Made in hemp.

Small recycled cardboard box
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It is made of hemp, has a shock absorber, an adjustable extension and two bronze snap to tie the dogs.

It is the one that transmits the pulling force of the dogs to the frame and protects the dog from hitting the chest with the harness with each pulling stride. The shock absorber line has an extension with two bronze snap at each end. It is easily adjustable to better adapt it to the size of each dog and cause the heads of the dogs to be aligned.

The shock absorber is responsible for the dog working as comfortably as possible, without strong impacts. It is short, because it seeks the maximum efficiency of the shot smoothly. In mushing it is important that the cushions are not long, since they nullify the forces, making the dogs work for nothing and exhaust themselves excessively.

Natural hemp rope is one of the most traditional and versatile products, it is used in sailing for its enormous resistance to friction and abrasion. It has a specific smell, which disappears after a short period of time.

Thanks to the use of all-natural plant material, hemp ropes are fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


For years we have been thinking about how to remove so much plastic from the sector. An outdoor sport, which is practiced in nature, with animals, should be as respectful as possible with the environment, but the reality is that all mushing material is made of plastic. In 2022 Gravity Scooters, after a year of testing, finally presents an ecological alternative in its line of mushing material "Mushing Evolution": We have replaced plastics with biodegradable materials. The new mushing products are made of bamboo and hemp.

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