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Neckline for dogs ECO
Neckline for dogs ECO

Neckline for dogs ECO

Made in hemp.

Small recycled cardboard box
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Neckline ECO
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Neck line made of hemp.

Line to join two dogs by the collars.

The neckline is used so that the dogs go at one and facilitate the work of the leading dog to direct where it has to go. With this we achieve a more compact team, a greater synchronization of the dogs and that the two direct their effort in the same direction. The heads of the two dogs must be on a par, if one dog is shorter than the other, this difference must be compensated with a longer or shorter rope, between the  line and the harness that the dog is wearing. 

Includes two small bronze carabiners to tie the dogs.

Respect for nature, love for animals and doing everything possible to minimize the environmental impact of our activities is the basis of our philosophy.

We are always looking for ways to use environmentally friendly materials, without sacrificing quality, and we have realized that the more natural materials we use, the better our products are in every way.


For years we have been thinking about how to remove so much plastic from the sector. An outdoor sport, which is practiced in nature, with animals, should be as respectful as possible with the environment, but the reality is that all mushing material is made of plastic. In 2022 Gravity Scooters, after a year of testing, finally presents an ecological alternative in its line of mushing material "Mushing Evolution": We have replaced plastics with biodegradable materials. The new mushing products are made of bamboo and hemp.

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